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La Tajería

Salt flakes

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Our pyramid-shaped Salt flakes are exceptional because, just like our other salts, they crystallise in the ponds in a 100% natural way.

Days with mild temperatures and calm wind are the ideal conditions to find these particular crystals floating on the water.

Thanks to their structure, they dissolve on the palate and add texture to the dish. They naturally contain trace elements from seawater that add a subtle aroma and flavour.

👩‍🍳 Combine our Salt flakes with meat, vegetables, grilled fish or cold appetizers.

♻ Sustainable packaging in glass: 70g.

🧭 From the heart of the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park.

Nutritional table:

 Chemical analysis (per 100gr)

 Salt (NaCl) 95,1%
 Humidity 3,60%
 Magnesium chloride 0,82%
of which Magnesium 219 mg
 Calcium 0,10%
 Potassium 202 mg
 Iodine 23 µg