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La Tajería

Virgin Sea Salt

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The most traditional of all salts.

Unlike our Salt flower and Salt flakes, Virgin Sea Salt crystallises at the bottom of the ponds forming a hard salt stone.

The designation "Virgin", as in olive oil, suggests a salt of the highest quality. Only 100% hand-harvested sea salt can carry this name.

Unrefined, it naturally contains magnesium and potassium from seawater.

👩‍🍳 Due to its richness in minerals, it brings less salty flavour to the dish and enhances the flavours of the other ingredients.

🧭 From the heart of the Bay of Cádiz Natural Park.

Nutritional table:

 Chemical analysis (per 100g)

 Salt (NaCl) 96,5%
Humidity 3,20%
Magnesium chloride 1,74%
of which Magnesium 472 mg
Calcium 0,04%
Potassium 351 mg